Why I’m Your Girl!

As brides we spend so much time selecting the each and every detail to make the day perfect. It’s important to capture all of these! If you choose me to be a part of your wedding day I will be there not only as a photographer, but as a girlfriend too. I know what a bride wants because I’ve been one. I was married in September 2010 to my wonderful Husband Matt. Most of us only get married once, so we want our day to be amazing! I was definitely no different.

Whether it’s capturing the getting ready moments or walking down the aisle- I’ve got you covered sister! I know what you want. You want to look the best that you ever have. The prettiest. You want to look back on your photos and smile every single time. Relish in every moment that took place. You want beautiful pieces of photo art to display in your home. There is nothing sadder than hearing a horror story from a bride about how she hired a friend or low budget photog to just take “pictures” and have them turn out horrendous. There is a big difference in hiring an photographer that knows how to use a camera and a photographer that knows how to capture true beauty with a camera. At the end of the day the cake will be eaten, the decor returned, and all you will have left is memories (besides a great new life partner;). Photography is important. It’s not something you want to look back on and have regrets about.

All my life I have had a fascination with bringing out the  beauty in others. I didn’t want to tell people, because I thought they would think I was weird. I think everyone is beautiful and my goal is to showcase that. Now I am putting my passion for beauty to good use in my photography. Proper angles, flattering lighting and making sure every detail is in place are all important things. No one wants to look gross or awkard in their photos, which brings me to another point.

“Feeling comfortable in front of a camera”. My goal is not only to take beautiful pictures of you- it’s to make you feel as content and comfortable as possible. If you are working with a photographer and your personalities don’t really mesh well- you risk having awkward looking photos. If you feel uncomfortable in front of their camera, chances are it’s going to show in the photos. Doing an Engagement Session prior to your special day is a great way for us to get to know each other better and practicing being in front of the camera. I aim for photos that look as natural as possible. “Posed candids” I call them 🙂 I will do whatever it takes. We are here to celebrate you and create a fun experience. The love between two people really inspires me to create romantic and fun photos.

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If you have any questions or want to inquire about your big day please email me: kim@kim-james.com

Consultations are always free! I’m happy to meet you for a glass of tea, coffee or wine if you want to chat about your upcoming day!

(Sometimes I play dress up in my wedding dress…This was one of those times. Why not wear it more than once?!)