Turning 27- My Life In Photographs

It’s been a big week for me! I’m so lucky to have such wonderful people in my life and they have all made it so special for me. On Wednesday May 1st I turned 27! One of my first thoughts was “Yay I’m finally an adult!”. Okay… I’m half kidding. I realize that happened almost a decade ago. I think age really is just a number. You can’t really assume what someones life is going to be like just based on their age. I still like to think I am pretty young ūüėČ

Sometimes the thought of growing old scares us. I don’t want to think of it as scary. I think each new year to come is so exciting! The thought of great opportunities and new¬†possibilities¬†will never get old. With every year that passes we learn so much and that really helps shape us into who we were meant to be. People really are like wine… We get better with age! I think every candle that we add to our birthday cakes is special. In this case- more really is better. Not everyone lives to have a cake full of candles, so it’s important to cherish each and every one.

I will try to sum up my week as short as possible: On Monday my Momma arrived! She came to come help me celebrate my birthday week¬†together. We don’t get to see each other too often as she lives out of town. So it’s really nice when we have the opportunity to spend quality time together. She really spoiled me this week and I am so thankful for her. On my birthday we went to Sour Apple to have a pedicure! (I chose the Mint Candy Apple colour if you were wondering!) This place is located in Pitt Meadows.¬†http://www.sourapplenailbar.ca/¬†If you are looking for the perfect way to pamper yourself check this place out. It’s ridiculously cute. The ladies are so nice and we had a glass of wine while getting our toenails done… holla! P.S… They give pretty cool discounts if you visit on your birthday! (My husband Matt had to work long hours most of this week and wasn’t able to join us for the festivities which is too bad. That’s okay… I can’t really picture him at the spa with us having his tootsies places in a foot bath). That evening we headed off to My¬†Uncle¬†& Aunts for an evening of fabulous food & wine. Every visit to their house is always a real treat. My uncle & aunt love to cook and he always makes the best food! I have to mention that when my uncle is in the¬†kitchen¬†there is never a shortage of entertainment. I have some pretty fun photos of my aunt & uncle playing the guitar and singing in the kitchen but I’m gonna keep those private ūüėČ

All in all it was the presence and thoughtfulness of others that made my week. It was my mom driving 8 hours to spend time with me, taking care of me, spoiling me, and doing so much for me while she was here. It was my husband greeting me with the cutest card & stuffed puppy on my¬†birthday¬†morning after working nightshift (I have to wait for a real puppy). It was the beautiful card and 6 page hand written letter I received from my Grandmother in her late 80’s (She is nearly blind and I am so impressed by her effort and kind words). It was my friend’s showing up at my house surprising me with gifts and a lunch date so¬†unexpectedly last weekend. It was my aunt &¬†uncle¬†taking time out of their week to make a special dinner for me on my birthday and giving me an amazing cheese basket(I LOVE CHEESE)!¬†It was the gorgeous¬†bouquet¬†of flowers my¬†in-laws¬†had¬†delivered¬†to my home. It was the many¬†thoughtful¬†messages I received from so many people. So much love in my life! I have so much to be grateful for – I could write a novel. Trying to keep this short though ūüėČ

One thing I love about having a May birthday is that the world outside is in full bloom. May always brings lots of greenery and spring flowers. I can never get enough of being outside with the all of natures beauty. I took some pretty nature photos on my birthday and included them below.

Here are a few snaps from my birthday!