Granville Island- Sheila & Shawn

When I arrived at Granville Island for my session with Sheila & Shawn it was pouring out. I met them inside the Granville Island Hotel (It’s a really unique spot to stay if you are looking for accommodation in the Vancouver area). We peered outside in hope that the rain would fade. After taking a few shots inside we looked out and the rain had stopped. Miracle!!!! Not sure how we got so lucky. I know shooting in this type of unpredictable weather is not always fun for everyone… However Sheila and Shawn definitely made the best of it! After taking some cute formal shots they decided we would end the shoot by puddle jumping. I cannot even describe how hilarious it was watching them. They didn’t do a tiny step into the puddle. It was a ginormous leap!!! They were covered head to toe in water after that. Sometimes it’s all about making the best of a moment and they certainly did that. Our session was filled with lots of smiles and laughter! Thanks to Sheila & Shawn for the fun session!