It’s Monday!

So technically it’s Monday as I am writing this, but I’m still considering it Sunday evening.

This time change is messing me up. It’s so funny because it took every ounce of strength in my body to drag myself out of bed today and when I returned home after a full day of shooting- I nearly collapsed. I seriously considered going straight to bed or having a nap but then I decided against it. I thought “well if I have a nap then maybe I won’t be able to sleep tonight”. It tried to go to bed a couple of hours ago but I found myself laying there thinking about so many different things. Sleep seemed impossible 🙁 Why body? I love sleep but you never want me to get enough. I usually need complete silence, complete darkness and nothing touching me. So out of bed it was. I devoured half  a package of Tim Tams (Delicious Aussie cookies.) If you haven’t tried them you need to get on it. If you dip them in tea or warm milk they literally melt in your mouth. Yummm chocolate. I watched the weather network and some infomercials in hopes that would bore me into sleep. Didn’t work. There’s no way I can do any real work at this time of night because I am totally zoned out and proper effort would not be put forth. So I decided to hit up my blog. Blogging is such a funny thing. I often write blogs and never post them. Maybe I don’t feel they’re good enough or maybe they’re much too personal. I’m trying my best to change that habit.

When I announce this post this it will be Monday morning. Let’s hope I’ll have had at least 6 hours of sleep. That would be fantastic! Hey if we can make it 8 hours even better. I need my beauty sleep in order to prepare for my big Monday night plans with friends. Some of you ladies out there probably know what I’m talking about… The Bachelor Finale on ABC! That’s right. Tonight is the night where Sean Lowe chooses the woman he is going to spend forever with! We are going to watch them living it up in a fabulous tropical destination. Two girls are going to walk onto a beautiful boardwalk surrounded by lush tropical flowers and blue water. The sun will be shining and they will be dressed fit for the Oscars. One girl is gonna get the bling bling and a man. The other one will be sent home crying in a limo wondering what she did wrong to deserve this fate. OR maybe he won’t pick either and then will be labeled a total jerk face (even though deciding not to propose to someone after a few dates isn’t such a bad thing). Season after season I get sucked in. Every single time. I can’t help it! Maybe it’s the idea that fairytales really can come true. Maybe it’s the interesting dynamic of the cast. Regardless of the relationship successes on this show I will continue to watch. Always entertaining.

Lindsay or Catherine?

Who do you think? Stay tuned tonight to find out!


Photo: ABC – The Bachelor


  • I think he is not a nice person. He has been so silly and immature with the girls. He loved them all so if he winds up with no one it is his own fault.ReplyCancel

    • admin

      Aww. Well I loved the finale. At first I wasn’t sure if he and Catherine would end up together but I think they make such a cute couple. I felt bad for Lindsey though. She’s such a sweet girl and it was hard to see her get hurt. I’m looking forward to seeing their wedding and hoping it all works out for the best.ReplyCancel

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