Sticks & Stones

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me.”

I remember that saying as a child. I remember my mama telling me that. I’m sure there are many parents that tell their children that. In a perfect world that would be true. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Words can hurt. Words do hurt. Maybe you’ve been called something unpleasant before and it didn’t bother you. Everyone perceives things differently. More often than not those that are bullied are vulnerable to start off with. Maybe they didn’t make the best choices. Maybe they look different. Maybe they were going through rough times. With the explosion of social media it’s way too easy for people to say hurtful things and hide behind a screen.

Today is pink shirt day. Wear pink. Think about what you say to others. Be kind. Put yourself in other’s shoes before saying things without thinking. How would you feel if someone said something awful to you. The greatest downfall of our society is thinking that some people have no worth. Everyone is valuable. Everyone has potential. Everyone deserves to be loved and treated with respect. It takes some people longer to learn that than others. No one will judge you for standing up for another person… and if they do then would you really want to be friends with that person anyways?

Today we also remember those that have left this world because of bullying. I can tell you that when you lose someone you know because they’ve been bullied it changes you. You see things differently. You think differently. It’s the most haunting feeling knowing that someone took their life because they were bullied and tortured so much they couldn’t go on. You can think whatever you want, but unless you are that person you don’t know. If you or someone you know needs help tell someone as soon as possible. Don’t wait.

Lets love – not hate!

Kim xo




  • Sheila Neufeld

    So very true Kim. Especially the vulnerability part… people don’t make unhealthy, poor choices when they love themselves, and hurting them further is not going to “snap them out of it” or “teach them a lesson”. Another beautifully written, insightful blog post.ReplyCancel

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