Weekend catch up!

Hi All!

Hope you’ve had a great week. Mine has been jammed packed with greatness!

The week first started off wrapping up my house sitting time at my aunt and uncles. I had the privileged of snuggling with their cats while I worked on my editing. It was fun having company (Okay so maybe they were all over the keyboard, fax machine, jumping in my camera bag… But it was still nice to have some company)! I miss having pets a lot. Any time I get a chance to hang out with other peoples critters it’s a pleasure! (Shermy is to the left and Zorro is to the right)


My husband Matt was super sick this past week (no not in a cool way)! I don’t think I’ve ever seen him that sick before. I felt reaaaaaalllllly bad…. but we had a planned trip up north to Quesnel to visit my family. We hadn’t been since June as both of our schedules have been very busy. A part of me wanted to cancel but then I peaked at our calendar and we both didn’t have enough days off to make the trip for over another month. So we decided to go ahead with it. Monday I was trying to get as much work done as possible, pack and take care of a sick husband. I thought I was decent at multitasking but apparently not so much. I made him a sandwich while I was working and it turned out like this:


I swear I can cook! Seriously. I just can’t cook while working. Everything seems to burn haha. Matt ate the sandwich without even complaining. What a gem.

The next morning we were somewhat ready to hit the road. I chugged some coffee and Matt had his NyQuil. I bundled him up the car and headed north. At this time of year the roads can be unpredictable but we ended up with great road conditions! Sunny the whole day! I was pretty thankful since I was driving.


We arrived in Quesnel just in time for dinner and my mom had made us chicken cordon blue. It was so delicious! Can’t beat a home cooked meal from Mom. Poor Matt couldn’t eat so he rested on the couch. I should also mention that my Mom baked me a dozen red velvet cupcakes (I’m spoiled! Thanks Mom!) After dinner my mom and I indulged in some wine and looked through old photos. Some from my teenage years. I cringed at some of my horrific hairstyle choices and bizzare outfits that I wouldn’t be caught dead in now! Glad those days have passed lol. I actually considered posting some on the blog but I don’t think I’m ready for that kind of public embarrassment yet. I had hoped for some fun family photos to post but nearly everyone in my family was sick, except me and mom so that kind of counted everyone out for family pics. (Me & Mom below)


Our visit was short & sweet! With only 2 full days we had to cram as much visiting time in as possible. Matt’s parents made a visit down from PG to see us which was nice. Before we knew it our visit came to an end and we were back on the road again. Our vehicle was soooo dirty from the roads up north(as you will see from the dirty windshield view).


We arrived home just in time for me to start preparing for my shoot with Sarah Mulder! We were shooting her fabulous new jewelry line! You should definitely go check out her website http://www.sarahmulder.com

Here is a sneak peek photo below. Stay tuned to the blog to see some behind the scenes shots and more photos from our shoot. Her jewelry is seriously beautiful and you can purchase it online here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/sarahmulderjewelry. There are so many unique pieces! (For a list of retail locations please visit her website noted above.)

Alright time to wrap up this post! I’ve got LOTS of work to catch up on. Enjoy your Sunday everyone! PIN