Colin’s 1st Year Family Photos & Cake Smash

When I first saw baby Colin at the door of his home I couldn’t get over how cute he was! Colin just turned 1 year old a couple weeks prior to our shoot and he’s was such a snuggly bundle of sweetness. Colin was peeking at me shyly as his Mom Carol and Dad Roger were dressing him up for our shoot outside. Once Colin warmed up to the idea of our shoot I got to see is cute personality.

Upon meeting we went for a walk to a near by park. The ground was wet but luckily it wasn’t raining! Colin played for a short time on the playground then we walked around the park for some fun shots. Colin had four visible teeth. Two on the top and two on the bottom – which made for the most adorable smile when he laughed!

After our little stroll at the park we headed back to the family home. We had planned to do a cake smash with Colin to celebrate his first birthday that was a couple weeks prior. As his parents organized the cake set up I took some photos of Colin playing. When the cake setup was ready to go Colin just sat there for a minute staring it. He wasn’t sure what to do at first! Once he was led to touch the cake that’s when the fun began. He spent a little bit of time playing with the icing and having a taste. Colin was probably wondering why we were encouraging him to play with his food.  It came to the point where I think he was a bit upset he was so dirty. It was fun while it lasted though 🙂 When it was all over he got a nice warm towel and hug from his mom.

Thank you to Carol, Roger and Colin for allowing me to capture these special moments.



(Disclaimer* I often avoid indoors shoots when it comes to kids/families/groups because I don’t like to be restricted to a certain room size, room decor/clutter, background distractions and lighting restrictions. This was an exception as we created a special setup:) )