Carley & Greg Engagement- Crescent Beach, BC

Picture this:

You’re at the beach. It’s a warm evening at the end of August. The sun is on the horizon and it’s casting a beautiful orange glow on your skin. The sand feels so soft and warm between your toes. You can hear the sound of the small waves crashing against the shore line. You feel relaxed and peaceful. The picture I am painting in your head was the backdrop for Carley and Greg’s engagement session.

As all you Vancouverites know we tend to spend most of the year with raindrops surrounding us. I really miss those warm sunny days and  I thought it would be a great time to bring back summer. I had the privilege of meeting Carley and Greg at Crescent beach last August. I hadn’t been out to Crescent beach since the previous year and I totally forgot how beautiful it is. We took a long walk along the beach and found some great spots for photos. There was kind of that “Dear John” movie feeling with the tall grass by the beach 🙂 Carley and Greg were so sweet and a whole lot of fun! I totally fell in love with Carley’s outfit. She was wearing these adorable mint coloured skinny jeans paired with flowing black top (as you will see below). Not gonna lie I was tempted to go out and buy the exact same outfit! Carley & Greg are doing a married this upcoming summer in Kelowna (great destination choice)! Wishing you two all the best on your special day.