Daniel & Wanying Engagement- Trout Lake, BC

Greetings! We are still on the first week of this wonderful new year and I’m already on my second blog! Woooooooooo! Time for a gold star or maybe a margarita! Alright, I won’t get ahead of myself. I am happy to be blogging again… Even if I end up being the only one that reads these posts. I am going to do my best to make this a regular thing regardless of my schedule/workload. Communication is important and something I am working on. I hope you all have been enjoying the first week of this brand new year. I know I have. It’s been filled with lots of catching up, thinking, & planning… and lots more thinking.

So what’s new on my blog today? I have complied some of my favourite photos from an Engagement Session I did in Vancouver near the end of November. I had the pleasure of meeting Daniel & Wanying at Trout Lake (close to the Commercial Drive Area). Once in awhile I meet people that make me feel especially inspired. The day I met Daniel & Wanying was one of those times. I can’t always explain it, but sometimes you just get a good feeling about people. We arranged to meet at the corner of 15th and Victoria dr. When I saw a sweet and sophisticated couple walking towards me,  I knew it had to be them.

After our initial meet & greet we walked to around the whole lake and snapped photos at various scenic spots. This place really has a lot to offer as far as backgrounds go. Endless gorgeousness (is that even a word :P?). Luckily there was no rain that day which made for a happy dry photographer! Our session was full of laughs… Probably because I spent so much of the time crouching in the bushes, laying on the ground and trying not to fall in the lake. Sometimes I just get in the zone and you gotta do what you gotta do to get the shots!

Daniel & Wanying are getting married this upcoming August! I would like to wish them both all the love and happiness in their journey through life together.