Angie & Ben Engagement- Stanley Park, BC

I was pretty stoked when Angie called me awhile back to inquire about having some Engagement photos done. After chatting on the phone for awhile we discovered that we are almost neighbours! I can see her building from out my window! HA! At the beginning of August we planned to meet in the middle of our buildings at our neighbourhood Starbucks. I met with Angie, Ben and Angie’s Maid of Honour Maria. We decided to do the shoot at Stanley Park. The day of our shoot was absolutely lovely and so were the couple! Angie has the most beautiful long blonde flowing hair (totally jealous!). Too bad the photographer was looking a bit rough 😉 They didn’t seem to mind though. This was the last shoot of my day and after a busy day my brain was so foggy I started calling Angie – Christine! How bad is that? lol. Luckily she forgave me. We had a pretty fun time exploring the area. It was the usual beach meets forest setting with the exception of one bizaro thing…. GARLIC! That’s right my friends. We stumbled upon a massive pile of garlic (photo posted below). Maybe you are thinking ohhh perhaps someone was cooking dinner by the beach and brought a clove along. Nope… There was a CRAPLOAD. Honestly it was super creepy and we were all kind of weirded out! I guess someone was trying to protect themselves from vampires or something ;)? Despite that strange discovery we had a great evening at the beach! It was such a pleasure Angie & Ben! Looking forward to showing you the rest of the pictures!

PINThere is that garlic I was talking about above… So weird!!!!!