What a week! Two Shandy’s and a Lifesaver!!

Wow what a week it has been. Another week of craziness! Can you all believe it’s September 1st? I sure can’t.

I wish I could tell you about each day in detail and all the wonderful people I’ve met but it’s all just a blur! With the exception of a couple stand out moments.

Get ready for this…

So a few weeks back “Shandy” had contacted me about doing an engagement session at Locarno beach for the end of August. I was really looking forward to it as I love engagement sessions. There were several emails confirming this appointment. At the time I didn’t think much of it. I thought to myself- they must just be really excited. With the thousands of emails going back and forth during this time I didn’t even think twice. At the beginning of this week “Shandy” called me to let me know they would have to cancel their engagement session due to a change in work schedules. No problem I thought. I rearranged my sessions that day and ended up going out to Coquitlam instead. So on the day of their canceled session I was out in coquitlam on a family shoot when all of a sudden my phone buzzed. normally I ignore my text/calls during my sessions but I was walking and happened to look down at my phone. It was a text message from Shandy saying they were at Locarno beach and wondered where abouts I was. I thought to myself WTF? I nicely told the family I was with I just had to get something figured out. I know texting is rude during another appointment but this was really strange. I texted “Shandy” back and said something along the lines of: ” You called me earlier this week and cancelled your appointment today. You then asked to reschedule but we never set a date. I am in Coquitlam right now on another shoot”. “Shandy” texted back “That must have been someone else. I never called you. Please call me”  As soon as my shoot was over I called “Shandy” only to find out that it was a horrible coincidence…


THERE WERE TWO SHANDYS!!! They both contacted me to do an engagement session for the same location/date. Seriously what are the odds? I searched through my email to find out how in the heck this error was even possible??? If I got an email from a John or an Amy I would probably really double check. But a Shandy? That’s a pretty unique name. Not only being named Shandy… The fact that they contacted the same photographer for an engagement session, for the same date/time. I seriously thought I had lost my mind. Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Upon looking through my emails I discovered that they both had an almost identical email address (another bizarre coincidence).  Shandy A- had contacted me first to do an engagement session. Then Shandy B- contacted me to do the same engagement session. When Shandy B-emailed me I thought it was Shandy A- duplicating the first email and just looking for a confirmation. So I replied to Shandy B- Saying yes I have you booked for this date/time location. No questions asked. It was Shandy B -that called to cancel so unfortunately Shandy A- got unintentionally stood up. As frustrating as this coincidence was I thought about how crazy it would have been if Shandy B didn’t cancel and both couples showed up at the same time/place. I think that would have been quite the scene. Shandy-A you know who you are… So sorry!!!!!!! I will make this up to you I promise 🙂 Really looking forward to our session once we get the date sorted!

Despite that crazy thing…

I had a really wonderful thing happen this week. I got in touch with another Vancouver photographer who did an online “deal” before a few years back. She did hers with Groupon and ended up selling almost 5 times the amount that I did.  It was so helpful and comforting to talk to her… We spent over an hour and a half on the phone. Not that I had that much time… but it was time well invested. I felt like I had been standing on a bubble that was about to burst. She gave me so much amazing advice and I will be forever grateful of that. It’s crazy to think how much she went through and where she is today. I thought I was truly losing my mind and after I got off the phone with her I felt a sense  of calm. A sense of peacefulness and a sense of taking back control. These are all things I hadn’t felt in quite awhile. She gave me incredible tools to help make my business more successful and to save me so much time. I really can’t thank her enough. She also reminded me that my life is important too and I really need to start taking time out for myself. She is a Lifesaver… She threw me out a rescue boat just when I thought I might be drowning.


I hope you all enjoy the long weekend! I will be busy doing all kinds of fun shoots. Still plugging away at messages when I have time, so thanks for your patience!