If you haven’t heard from me please try again :)

Hi Everyone!

I feel like I have made great progress in tackling the massive volumes of people that have contacted me since the Living Social Deal. With that said I am not perfect and I do miss things unintentionally. I have had thousands of correspondence emails back and forth in my inbox, as well as countless Facebook messages and voicemails. My head has definitely been spinning and it’s been quite the workload.

If you have contacted me and not heard back please try again. Some people only give me their first name and I have gotten them confused with other people. Maybe I thought I already contacted you when really that was someone else with the same name.

I don’t want anyone to feel ignored, upset, angry, shafted, disappointed etc… Everyone will get their photoshoot done!

When trying to please so many people all at once, sometimes it doesn’t go according to plan.

I sincerely look forward to meeting each and everyone of you that purchased my deal. Email tends to be best, as I rarely am able to answer my phone (I’m either shooting, driving, or trying to coordinate something).

I am now fully booked for October. Unless we have been in touch about a specific date in October, my next availability for bookings is in November. As previously mentioned I have extended the date past February so if you would like a summer date next year that is fine. Summer bookings for next year will not take place until a couple months prior to next summer as family plans often change, so there is no point booking the appointments now.

Thank you.