Don’t be afraid! You can do it!

It’s been a little while since I have written a blog post!

I need to keep on it! I hope you all are doing great. The sun finally came out today and I sure hope this means summer has begun. I kept hearing June being referred to as Junuary (like January). Apparently we had 40% more rainier days in June compared to previous years :S. I didn’t mind TOO much… I am a creature of the sun, but the rain forced me to stay inside and get things done. I have been busy busy! Networking with all kinds of amazing people that I never knew were out there until recently. I have to say that is one thing that makes me smile about the new path I have chosen. Meeting all kinds of cool people and taking advantage of the great opportunities out there! I have been learning what it takes to set up and run a business. I am one of those people that likes to fully know what I am doing and when it comes to business matters my knowledge is limited. Often when I find myself trying something new I feel a little overwhelmed. Almost as though it’s going to be impossible to accomplish and achieve. There have been recent days where I thought to myself “Can I even do this????” I have obtained some new software recently and just sat there staring at it. Completely clueless. I wanted to give up. I looked back on when I first got started in photography (and I’m not talking about the millions of pictures I took with my point and shoot). I remember the first day, of the first photography course I took… I only had my camera for about a month at that point. I knew how to turn it on and off. I could switch the lenses and shoot on auto mode only. My teacher told us all to pull our cameras out of our bags and that we would be going over the basics. I held mine low on my lap below the desk. I didn’t even have a camera bag to hold my stuff. I put the camera in a lulu lemon shopping bag wrapped in a scarf. “Okay everybody let’s start with the basics” he said. He started going over the basic parts of the camera, where to find them, and their purpose. I still kept my camera on my lap. “Oh my god” I thought to myself. “Why am I even here?” I had no idea what any of these functions did or where to find them on the camera. I held the camera on my lap the entire class. I didn’t want anyone to know that I really had no clue what the teacher was talking about or that I was probably looking at the wrong part of the camera. There are always a few people in every class that are know-it-alls… or seem to be. The ones holding their camera up trying to get the teachers attention and  saying look at me!! I definitely wasn’t one of those people. I felt as though I was in way over my head and I should probably run for the door. By the end of the class that day he told us that for this course everything had to be shot in manual and no editing was allowed. Oh and also that all of the photos would be critiqued in class. I was afraid… very afraid lol. I remember taking lots of notes that day. I went home that night and studied a lot. Was I that naive? Did I think buying a nice camera was going to make me an amazing photographer? Maybe?? I learned real fast that wasn’t how things worked. Sure a nice camera may bring better quality to your photos but it’s not going to make better pictures. The other day I read an photography article somewhere. It went something like this: “Saying a photographer takes good photos because they have a nice camera, is like saying someone is a great cook because they have a nice stove” (I can’t remember the exact words… so that quote may not be exactly spot on, but you get the idea) This is so true! What I didn’t understand when I first started is that good photographers don’t just “take” photos- they “make” photos. Each photo should carefully be set up using composition techniques and the style is determined fully by the camera settings you choose not what the camera decides on auto. I am happy to say that from that first day I have come a long way. Every time I take a photo I learn from it and that is one thing I love about photography. I am happy to say I completed that photography course and continued to take other courses after that. Those courses combined with my online studying, and countless hours of practice have brought me to this point. I still think I have only touched the tip of the iceberg as far as knowledge goes. I think I will stop rambling now. The point of this post is to remind myself and everyone out there that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed and scared when trying something new. You just need to keep practicing. If you never try, you will never know.( I will keep saying this over and over to myself!)

Photo: The sun is shining today 🙂